The Juliana Hatfield Three Return with First New Album Since 1993

The Juliana Hatfield Three Return with First New Album Since 1993
Around the time Juliana Hatfield launched her solo career in the early '90s, the songwriter — who had played with groups like Blake Babies and the Lemonheads — formed her own outfit called the Juliana Hatfield Three. That project released just one album, 1993's Become What You Are, but Hatfield is now preparing to bring it back for another LP. Whatever, My Love is due out on February 17 through American Laundromat Records.

This album was paid for with a successful PledgeMusic campaign. Hatfield, along with bassist Dean Fisher and drummer Todd Philips, laid it down at Hoboken, NJ's Nuthouse Recording with Tom Beaujour, who previously co-produced Hatfield's other band Minor Alps.

In a statement, Hatfield promised that the album includes "some raunchier rockers in there along with some other pretty things." An announcement further adds that the tunes are "gorgeous and punk, sleazy and sweet, unsentimental and funny."

On the "pretty" and "sweet" side of things, the jangling "If I Could" can be heard below. This is a new version of an old song that has been demoed over the years but never appeared on an album.

CDs are available to pre-order over on American Laundromat's website. The album cover is above and the tracklist is below.

Whatever, My Love:

1. Invisible
2. Now That I Have Found You
3. Ordinary Guy
4. If Only We Were Dogs
5. I'm Shy
6. Dog On A Chain
7. If I Could
8. Push Pin
9. Blame The Stylist
10. I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands
11. Wood
12. Parking Lots