Juliana Hatfield Offers Personalized Songs to Fans - at $1,000 a Pop

Juliana Hatfield Offers Personalized Songs to Fans - at $1,000 a Pop
Not unlike Momus and Say Anything before her, singer-songwriter Juliana Hatfield has begun offering personalized songs to fans willing to pay the price.

As Spinner points out, Hatfield recently made the offer on her website, issuing a statement claiming that "for the price of $1,000, I will write an original song tailormade just for you, to you and about you, and I will record it in the mostly acoustic style of my newest album, Peace and Love."

A statement explains the offer thusly: "After you have ordered the song, send an email with my name in the subject line to [email protected] and in the message, tell me what you would like me to put in the song - your name, your hobbies, your thoughts, your problems, your loves, your favorite things, your job - tell me something about yourself so I can create a song around a version of you that I can absorb from what you tell me."

Hatfield is limiting the number of custom songs to just 20.

Don't have $1,000 lying around? For just ten dollars you'll be entered into a lottery draw for a 21st song, meaning that you could get the same treatment as the fans who shelled out $1,000 of their hard-earned bucks.

You can read the entire rules at Hatfield's website here.