Julian Lynch Reveals Underwater Peoples Debut

Julian Lynch Reveals Underwater Peoples Debut
Julian Lynch has friends in all the right places. He's worked with members of buzz bands like Real Estate, Family Portrait and Titus Andronicus, and he recently signed to the the ultra-hip Underwater Peoples label, who will release his new album Terra on on April 26.

While Lynch has previously put out a handful of CD-Rs (which you can get over at Bandcamp), Terra marks his third official full-length. He released LPs in 2009 and 2010 via Olde English Spelling Bee.

On Altered Zones, you can listen to the dreamy, psychedelic title track, which cloaks silky horns and sighing falsetto in a swirling blanket of reverb. Check out the album cover above and see the tracklist below.

Meanwhile, the multi-talented Lynch is living in Madison, WI, and pursuing a double PhD in ethnomusicology and anthropology, so we probably shouldn't expect an extensive tour anytime soon.


1. "Terra"
2. "Clay Horses"
3. "Fort Collins"
4. "Canopy"
5. "Water Wheel One"
6. "Ground"
7. "On Eastern Time"
8. "Water Wheel Two"
9. "Disappointment"
10. "Back"