Julian Cope's 'Japrocksampler' Treated to Box Set Featuring Flower Travellin' Band, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Far East Family Band

Julian Cope's 'Japrocksampler' Treated to Box Set Featuring Flower Travellin' Band, Les Rallizes Dénudés, Far East Family Band
In 2007, former Teardrop Explodes member and respected music scribe Julian Cope released Japrocksampler, a book that examined the rise of rock'n'roll in post-World War II Japan. The albums featured in that book's Top 50 list have since become much-coveted collector's items, and now some of Cope's favourites are being packaged together in the box set Japrock Sampler Volumes 1-5, which arrives April 16 through Bamboo.

This five-CD set brings together together the five best Japanese rock albums, according to Cope. The albums are Flower Travellin' Band's crushing Satori, Speed, Glue & Shinki's eclectic Eve, Les Rallizes Dénudés' weirded-out Heavier Than a Death in the Family, Far East Family Band's synth-project masterpiece Parallel World and J A Caesar's arted-up Kokkyou Junreika.

They are presented in that order, which is how they appear in Cope's Top 50 list. All of these albums have been reissued in recent years through Phoenix, but this gives newcomers a chance to pick up all of Cope's favourites in one go.

The set additionally comes with a 36-page booklet containing liner notes, photos and band bios. Order it here.

CD 1: Flower Travellin' Band - Satori:

1. Satori Part 1
2. Satori Part 2
3. Satori Part 3
4. Satori Part 4
5. Satori Part 5

CD 2: Speed, Glue & Shinki - Eve:

1. Mr. Walking Drugstore Man
2. Big Headed Woman
3. Stoned Out of My Mind
4. Ode to the Bad People
5. M Glue
6. Keep It Cool
7. Someday We'll All Fall Down

CD 3: Les Rallizes Dénudés - Heavier Than a Death in the Family:

1. Strung Out Deeper Than the Night
2. The Night Collectors
3. Night of the Assassins
4. Enter the Mirror
5. People Can Choose
6. Ice Fire

CD 4: Far East Family Band - Parallel World:

1. Memempsychosis
2. Entering - Times
3. Kokoro
4. Parallel World - I. Amanezcan / II. Origin / III. Zen / IV. Reality / V. New Lights / VI. In the Year 2000

CD 5: J A Caesar - Kokkyou Junreika:

1. Echigo tsutsuishi oyashirazu
2. Tenshoutan
3. Haha koishiya sangoshou
4. Kyoujo bushi
5. Eimei shihen
6. Wasan
7. Jinriki hikouki no tame no enzetsu souan
8. Minkan iryou jutsu
9. Ootori no kuru hi