Julian Cope on Deck for Biopic Treatment

Julian Cope on Deck for Biopic Treatment
Most people don't get to use "rock star" as a double entendre on their resumes. However, cult artist Julian Cope can, which is partly the reason for his upcoming biopic.

According to the Independent, UK actor/filmmaker David Morrissey (Don't Worry About Me) has bought the rights to Cope's 1994 autobiography Head On, which charts his rise to fame as the frontman for post-punkers the Teardrop Explodes to his current role as a leading expert on Britain's prehistoric stone circles, with a healthy smattering of drugged-out debauchery in between.

Tripping on acid during a Top of the Pops performance back in the '80s seems like standard rock flick fare; Cope's transformation from pop musician to pagan know-it-all seems even more bizarre. Since pretty well dropping off the musical radar, save a couple solo tunes and his stint in drone metal outfit Brain Donor, Cope has gone on to sell more than 40,000 of The Modern Antiquarian, a guidebook that thoroughly explains UK landmarks like Stone Henge, not to mention piles of his Krautrocksampler and Japrocksampler books.

Outlandish Welsh actor Rhys Ifan (Notting Hill, Pirate Radio) is rumoured to land the role of the self-styled "cosmic shaman." While Cope himself has yet to comment on the film, a spokesman said he "was pleased that Morrissey had secured the rights to Head On and was awaiting further developments."

Morrissey is currently seeking funding to make the film.