Juiceboxdotcom Launches "Pay-What-You-Want" Label With Compilation

Juiceboxdotcom Launches "Pay-What-You-Want" Label With Compilation
With the aim of getting more great music heard by more great people, the folks over at Toronto's Juicebox have launched their own little record label.

Dubbed the Juicebox Recording Co., the online-only, donation-based imprint got up and going late last week by way of a compilation, which features an eclectic mash of Toronto acts such as the Flatliners, Spookey Ruben, Saint Alvia, This is Picture, the Little Millionaires, and the Wooden Sky. Many of the tracks are previously unreleased and all are up for grabs here via a pay-what-you-want model.

"In an attempt to get the music we love in this city heard by more people, we have started a record label," reads Juicebox's online launch letter. "Our first release is a compilation of bands we like from Toronto... It's really great. And is kind of all over the map genre-wise. Which we think is cool.

"As for all the online/donation babble, we basically think that awesome music should be readily available to awesome people, who can then make up their own mind as to what that music is worth (monetarily) to them."

All the money made from this release and future ones will go directly back to the bands featured on Juicebox releases, which we should see more of in the near future.

For now, here's tracklisting for compilation number one:

1. Gravity Wave -€“ "Buffalo Jump"
2. Boulevard Trash -€“ "Maria"
3. Hostage Life -€“ "Ratlines"
4. The Roman Line -€“ "I Am Providence"
5. Teen Anger -€“ "Minimum Wage"
6. The Little Millionaires -€“ "Murder at my Friend Henry's" *
7. Horses -€“ "The Catwalk"
8. This is Picture -€“ "Every Copied Step" *
9. The Flatliners -€“ "This Respirator" (acoustic) *
10. Junior Battles -€“ "Will and Words" *
11. Saint Alvia and Fil B -€“ "Don't Wanna Wait Forever" (Sunshine Remix) *
12. Great Lenin's Ghost -€“ "Rude Mechanicals"
13. Great Bloomers -€“ "Catching Up"
14. The Wooden Sky -€“ "North Dakota" (acoustic) *
15. LUM -€“ "The Moon Has a Face" *
16. The Darcys -€“ "When We Were a Wilderness"
17. Cavaliers! -€“ "World on my Own"
18. Cool Dad -€“ "Lookin' 4 a House" *
19. Spookey Ruben -€“ "Wounded Cat" *
20. PDF Format -€“ "God Only Knows" *

* previously unreleased

The Wooden Sky "When Lost at Sea"