Judas Factor Ballads in Blue China

Possessing one the most intriguing album titles and striking band names to emerge in some time, the Judas Factor are one incredibly vicious musical unit. Firmly rooted in the combination of hardcore/noise/metal that seems so popular in today’s extreme music scene, the Judas Factor, nevertheless, manage to add their unique take and identity to the equation. Nods to Deadguy and the pioneers of this style abound, but the ruthlessness and general aura of heartache that punctuate the Judas Factor’s songs make them more than just another band bogged down by their influences. True to their album’s title, there really are ballads contained within, incredibly well-played, emotional and even featuring strings, “Essay.” Still, as refreshing as these moments of tranquillity appear to be, it is just a moment of calm in the storm that is the Judas Factor. (Revelation)