The Juan Maclean Announce The Future Will Come

The Juan Maclean Announce <i>The Future Will Come</i>
Four years after dropping the synth-drenched opus Less Than Human, the Juan Maclean are finally ready for its follow-up.

Come April 14, the project run by former Six Finger Satellite front-man John MacLean will release the long-awaited The Future Will Come LP courtesy of DFA. And according to the beatmaker, fans should expect a change.

Described as being more vocal and pop, the Juan Maclean's sophomore effort finds the project going back to the '80s this time out and, in fact, entering some very Human League territory, MacLean says in the press release.

"In my career as the Juan Maclean, my guiding principle was to start out more dance-y and instrumental, and someday bow out making flat-out, three-and-a-half-minute pop songs," he explains. "I wanted to do an album with male-female interplay in the vocals," adding that this has led him to add LCD Soundsystem's Nancy Whang as a full-fledged band member, as well as listen to a whole lot of Dare-era Human League in the lead-up to the record.

Also helping out on The Future Will Come are Nick Millhiser and Alex Frankel of NY disco duo Holy Ghost! and !!! drummer Jerry Fuchs, all whom were recently part of the Juan MacLean's full-band live tour and helped debut much of this new material last year.

Here's the tracklisting for The Future Will Come, which you may notice is book-ended by the group's recent twelve-inch tracks "The Simple Life" and "Happy House":

1. "The Simple Life"
2. "The Future Will Come"
3. "One Day"
4. "A New Bot"
5. "Tonight"
6. "No Time"
7. "Accusations"
8. "The Station"
9. "Human Disaster"
10. "Happy House"

The Juan Maclean "Happy House"