JT King Ruby River

Imagine sitting on your front porch, the heat hasn't let up and the sun is setting. Out front the little one is kicking up dust while the babe is snoozing beside you. Out comes the obligatory guitar and the air is made sweeter than the lemonade cooling your throat. Welcome to the world of JT King and their wonderful debut, Ruby River. The Vancouver pair is Jeanne Tolmie and Chris Pilling, partners in song, life and the creation of both. Opening with "Northern Towns," we pile into the pickup and drive to the treed backcountry to the simple and happy life in "Goes Without Saying." With musical help from many friends, JT King weaves homey harmonies that bring hope and a cool breeze to a jaded heart. Also of note is the tribute to Ms. Williams, "Lucinda," which lyrically could relate to a child, a girl, or a really cool singer. Not a lot of hurting on this Ruby River, just a nice relaxing drift in the hot summer. (Black Hen)