Joyzipper Joyzipper

Joyzipper is a band that defies convention. Right from the very first song, the album has a sleepy, disorienting quality; the tunes proceed at a leisurely pace that belies the sometimes disturbing lyrics. It all makes a whole lot more sense when you discover that one of the biggest influences on the album was the large amount of LSD consumed during the songwriting process. Main songwriter Vinny Cafiso says that the acid helped him get past his depressions, but it probably helped him put a superficially happier slant on it. It can be a little hard to listen to some of the songs initially because of all the weirdness - some portions speed up or slow down and guitars are played backwards with alarming regularity. Yet there's something very hypnotic about the results after the first few listens. The multi-layered harmonies are gorgeous and there's a real sunniness to the music that keeps it in your head for some time. Joyzipper have managed to produce a near-perfect soundtrack to your summer. (Bar/None)