Joyful Talk

Jacuzzi Sunrise, Halifax NS, October 25

Joyful TalkJacuzzi Sunrise, Halifax NS, October 25
Photo: Vish Khanna
At a pop-up show co-organized by Aaron Mangle of Cousins, Jay Crocker and a dude everyone calls Dicey played some inventive, melodic noise-rock with unusual, foreign instruments. Crocker sat behind a homemade synthesizer, pedals, mixers, and cables flowering up around him as intense, hypnotic rhythms and drones filled the small room. Dicey commandeered keyboards, a tablet and a snakeskin bowed banjo, all of it either processed or sent through some signal to be altered before hitting us.

Some of this recalled early Holy Fuck, where the grooves and beats were bolstered by weird, found sound shit, happening once in a lifetime. There was no catharsis by way of obvious choruses, but the waves of unrelenting sound contained dark, infectious hooks that made Joyful Talk something else.
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