Joyce with Dori Caymmi Rio Bahia

Two pillars of Brazilian music and culture, renowned vocalist Joyce and master guitarist and composer Dori Caymmi unite to pay homage to their country’s two cultural centres with a top class showcase of the rich musicality they share between them. Rio Bahia does best when making the most of traditional Brazilian rhythms, as in the North-eastern baião of "Daqui,” complete with modest accordion, and the samba of "Joãozinho Boa Pinta,” where playfulness of the two singers is truly demonstrated. This chemistry is accentuated by the stark contrast between their vocal tones, with the baritone Caymmi providing a bass-y thickness beneath his counterpart’s softness. The supporting cast of players and chorus providers on the disc has as much to do with the quality of the finished product as the two names on the front cover, as they add much of the texture that allows Joyce and Caymmi to really shine. That said, Joyce’s admitted insistence on the inclusion of piano as on tracks "Saudade do Rio” tends to detract from the overall feel of the cuts, covering the guitar parts with a tacky sheen. With that in mind, it remains a joy to hear these two greats at work so deep into their storied careers. (Far Out)