Joyce / Mauricio Maestro / Nana Vasconcelos Visions Of Dawn

You'd better put on an extra large set of love beads before dosing on this. Though it was recorded in 1976, this album is full of spiritual love from the late '60s. Somehow this session of three close friends and luminaries of mid-'70s MPB was never released, and it's only now that the Far Out label has negotiated its release. Perhaps the set's informal nature would have seemed too relaxed to be commercially viable at the time. Indeed, several tracks were polished up and became big hits for Joyce a few years later. The set's easygoing nature gives this its charm. I've always been a huge fan of Vasconcelos and his driving yet abstract percussion ideas are high in the mix and consistently wonderful. Joyce, as always, sounds like Joni Mitchell with more funk, a trait that Maestro underlines with his groovy bass playing. The latter part of the disc gets a bit dreamy for my tastes but the beautiful guitars and sweet harmonies will find many admirers. (Far Out)