Joy Division Get Massive Seven-Inch Box Set

Joy Division Get Massive Seven-Inch Box Set
This year marks the 30th anniversary of Joy Division vocalist Ian Curtis's death, and with that in mind, Rhino Records UK is releasing a new seven-inch box set that celebrates the singer's brief but brilliant career. Titled +- (plus minus), the gargantuan box set collects a number of the legendary post-punk act's singles, including favourites "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and "Transmission."

A press release explains that the ten seven-inch singles that make up the set will be housed in a large clamshell box, with each record featuring redone artwork from longtime visual collaborator Peter Saville.

"As a co-founder of the legendary independent label Factory Records, Peter Saville leant his eyes to the project, providing stunning outer packaging and suggesting the concept for the sleeves," the press release reads. "Each cover is based upon its original and – as a snapshot of a band and a time – serves to remind the owner of the unique position Joy Division hold in British musical history."

Oddly, while Saville's artwork harkens back to the originals, the tracklisting provided for each record differs from those of Joy Division's early singles. For instance, the artwork for the group's debut release, An Ideal for Living, is clearly shown in the promo package for +-, but according to the tracklisting on Rhino's site, the four-song EP from 1978 has been split up onto two separate pieces of vinyl (The first featuring "Warsaw" and "Leaders of Men," while a second slab presents "No Love Lost" ands "Failures"). It's an odd aesthetic decision for sure, but we'll take it.

The release also explains that "All tracks have been newly remastered from original tapes by [Joy Division's] Stephen Morris and Frank Arkwright (Metropolis Studios)." Not only can analog audiophiles enjoy these new mixes on their hi-fis, free MP3 downloads are also included."

+- will be released in a limited quantity of 5,000 December 6 in the UK. Copies one to 500 will be individually numbered and will include an exclusive piece of art by Saville. There is no information as to whether this will be released in North America, but the Rhino site appears to allow orders from overseas.

For more information on the release and the tracklistings, head here.