Josh Rouse "New Young" (video)

Josh Rouse "New Young" (video)
Josh Rouse's folksy track "New Young" includes lyrics about small-town life, moving out to the country and driving through northern California, so it's only appropriate that the accompanying music video brings those scenes to life.

The song is a mellow country rocker with wheezing harmonica and dreamy pedal steel, and this provides the rustic soundtrack to shots of the sun-baked countryside, rural roads and gorgeous ocean vistas. The clip consists almost entirely of landscape shots, which have the faded quality of vintage home movies. It was directed by Matt Carter.

Rouse said in a statement about the song and video, "We bought a new child seat and it said 'new young' on it, and then the last lyric says, dreamed about Neil Young last night, so it's kind of a play on words. It was a series of coincidences that all came together and I thought, oh this is a good sign! This is meant to be a song. In the video, the director, Matt Carter, really captures the spirit of the song, and of California."

Watch the video below.

This song comes Rouse's 2015 album The Embers of Time, out now on Yep Roc Records. Check out Rouse's tour schedule here; it includes lots of U.S. shows, plus a Toronto appearance at Toronto's Horseshoe Tavern on June 10.