Josh Martinez 'Blotto' (album stream)

Josh Martinez'Blotto' (album stream)
Vancouver-based hip-hopper Josh Martinez has been making waves in weirdo rap circles for years now thanks to a collaborative LP with his band the Pissed Off Wild and 2008's ultra-melodic solo LP The World Famous Sex Buffet. After a five-year hiatus, the Halifax-bred MC has returned with his sixth proper studio album, Blotto, due out digitally on October 29 and in stores on November 19 through Camobear Records imprint. Now you can listen to the MC's newest LP in its entirety by streaming it exclusively on a week before its release.

Featuring performances from the likes of Ceschi, Stevie Ross and Evil Ebenezer, a press release for Blotto states that picks up the pieces where his previously "oversexed" LP left off, as our rhyme-slinging protagonist searches for romantic redemption following "a multi-year bitter bender blackout."

Album opener "Ashes" finds the magnetic MC rapping about letting a relationship run its course by burning it to the ground, while "My Jacket" channels the introspective flow of Mos Def over Tunde Abedimpe-style falsettos and block rocking beats. Co-produced by Stuey Kubrick and Sapient, Blotto continues the party-hearty hooks found on Martinez's previous LPs while delivering the kind of radio-ready production that would make Ryan Lewis jealous.

Hear for yourself by listening to the LP in the player below, and don't forget to catch Martinez as he tours across Canada later this fall.