Josh Martinez "Ashes" (ft. Evil Ebenezer) (video)

Josh Martinez "Ashes" (ft. Evil Ebenezer) (video)
Josh Martinez released his album Blotto back in the fall through Camobear, and the Canadian rapper is supporting it by premiering a music video for LP cut "Ashes."

The song sports a brightly brass-aided beat, and it finds Martinez rapping about a failing relationship while the pyromaniacal hook features the lyrics, "Let it burn, let it burn, let that motherfucker burn." The accompanying clip brings the words to life quite literally, as we see a woman trashing her boyfriend's apartment while Martinez raps next to a raging bonfire.

As Camobear explains, "Martinez, unable to stop himself from doing what he does best — kill raps and rock shows — is torn between the life of the road and the safety of home. Sometimes we hit a breaking point and have to make a choice. You can't have both. Sometimes there is no choice but to burn the whole thing down... to ashes."

The song features Evil Ebenezer, who also shows up in the video. It was directed by Stuey Kubrick.

Check out the clip below and stream/buy all of Blotto here.