Josh Freese The Notorious One Man Orgy

Considered within the music industry as one of the most reliable and best drummers for hire, it's Freese's work as the skin basher of record for the ever-irreverent Vandals that has the greatest impact on his first solo record, especially on tracks like "Playboy Mansion," "Bloodmobile" and "Josh Freese is Ready." In fact, there's very little evidence of his time spent recording the new Guns N' Roses or A Perfect Circle records, except in a sort of affectionately mocking metal posturing kind of way on "Rock N' Roll Chicken" and "Men and Women." It is, as the title suggests, a one-man orgy of pop punk humour and mayhem. In true Dave Grohl-inspired fashion, Freese steps out from behind the kit to play almost every instrument on this 12-track (11 originals and a cover of Urge Overkill's "Queen of the Gangsters") collection as well as sing. Of course he's the guy behind the kit too. But his work with such modern day troubadours as Paul Westerberg and Chris Cornell is evident on "Caffeine & Vaseline" and his ode to the TLC chick with the patch, "Why Won't Left Eye Get With Me," as is his standing membership as the replacement drummer for Devo on "So All Under Me." Freese is not only the hardest working drummer in show business, he's a pretty decent songwriter too. Then again, after spending time with such a diverse roster of artists, it's not really that surprising. For more evidence of Freese's talent, check out the brilliant new Vandals record, Look What I Almost Stepped In, their best since 1995's Live Fast, Diarrhea. (Kung Fu)