Josephine Foster & the Victor Herrero Band Anda Jaleo

Resurrecting the nearly forgotten folk songs of poet and dramatist Federico Garcia Lorca (believed to have been shot during the Spanish Civil War), Colorado chanteuse Josephine Foster and Madrid guitarist Victor Herrero offer up a multifaceted, impassioned labour of love under the title Anda Jaleo. Combining Foster's funeral/wedding singer and opera backgrounds with Herrero's monastery taught guitar playing, the duo (with the help of their all-acoustic band) maintain the essence, veracity and importance of songs once banned under Franco's rule. Anda Jaleo is an astonishingly ambitious project headed by a woman who's made a career out of ambitious projects. Given the stark beauty and clarity of the original works, along with Foster and Herrero's dedication to folk's ragged past, Anda Jaleo comes off just as joyous, celebratory and interesting to the listener as it must have sounded to the artists. (Fire)