Jorma Whittaker Jorma Whittaker

As the front-man for moody indie popsters Marmoset, Jorma Whittaker has been making music as a unit for eight years now. With some off time in between his band’s records, Whittaker has recorded a solo record based more on his personal tastes. Though it’s not a huge stretch from his work with Marmoset, Whittaker’s bleak outlook is mesmerising, harbouring a bittersweet aura that feeds on concealed pop hooks. Opening with "Clocks in the Sun,” a heavily dazed and drawn out piano piece, Whittaker immediately shows his fondness for the wonderfully weird influence of Syd Barrett. He reaches a forlorn state of perfection on the fittingly named ode "Molly Melancholy,” a beautifully measured homage to early Jesus & Mary Chain. Using an obscure classic like the Everly Brothers’ "Man With Money,” and following it up with a dazzling pop gem like "Fall In Love” and the breezy, lo-fi jazz attempt of "Morning Meets Evening Walk,” Whittaker demonstrates he’s not willing to compromise on his debut solo effort. Luckily, his eccentricity pays off in the end. (Secretly Canadian)