Joris Voorn

Nobody Knows

Joris VoornNobody Knows
Joris Voorn usually makes music that falls within the type of techno that's associated with the Detroit electronic scene, but all that's about to change with his latest release on his own label imprint, Green. "Monk" is a fitting start to Voorn's third album, Nobody Knows, a mantra-like introduction to his new incarnation, a look inwards that makes his work all the more inviting. In the past, Voorn has been accused of being too self-indulgent, but on Nobody Knows, he is generous, offering up a gorgeous ensemble of tracks that push the borders of techno and infuse its 12 tracks with musicality and warmth. Ninja Tune offshoot Technicolour signee Kid A appears on two tracks, and her vocal delivery on both is reminiscent of the type of ambient electronic pop music Scandinavians do so well, imbuing the tracks with the type of versatility needed to break into non-electronic markets.

Matthew Dear's contribution on album highlight "Homeland" is as beautiful as it is chilling, with the robotic vocals manipulations contrasting nicely with the smooth house beats. As "Left" tapers off dreamily, Voorn includes the sounds of what seems like a crowbar being dragged on the ground, embedding it with conflicting menace, reminding the listener of the album's inherent duality. Then, he launches into album closer "Dust," featuring Dutch guitarist Bram Stadhouders, which ends the package on an uplifting and forward-looking note. Nobody Knows is the type of album that can finally garner the type of widespread, crossover attention techno albums rarely get, and is another addition to 2014's list of stellar electronic releases. (Green)
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