Jonny Greenwood Thinks the Spongebob Radiohead Meme Is "Perfect"

Jonny Greenwood Thinks the Spongebob Radiohead Meme Is "Perfect"
Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood has shared his appreciation for a viral Spongebob Squarepants video.
A recent YouTube clip features the absorbent, yellow and porous cartoon character describing each of Radiohead's studio albums. From the singalong campfire songs of Pablo Honey to the tearjerker that is The Bends to the monotony of modernity explored on OK Computer — right up to the sad tiny violins heard across last year's A Moon Shaped Pool, no Radiohead album is safe from the hilarious light-hearted scrutiny.
Some diehard Radiohead fans might call the clip reductive and lacking nuance, but Greenwood thinks it hits the nail right on the head.
He shared the video in a tweet and admitted that the descriptions featuring the residents of Bikini Bottom are actually "perfect in so many ways."
Check out the hilarious Greenwood-approved video below.