Jonbenét The Plot Thickens

With jerky, jilted guitars and scattered screams ripping across your eardrums as they intermingle with quickened gibberish-like singing, this Texan quadruplet sounds strikingly similar to the Blood Brothers with (if possible) even more screaming to shatter your spine of a Zao-like standard. After both American and Canadian tours and three self-released demos, the Jonbenét have just released an eight-song album compiling the remastered songs heard on these aforementioned demos — and the result is a bloody, earth-shattering rocker of an album that you will find yourself absorbed in. The urgency of the guitars and vocals is dropped, stumbled over, tossed aside, and thrown into the wind like an old sneaker on a telephone pole, but kid, take a look around because this junk is hotter than the streets of Arizona, with a killer kick drum and a casual "look over shoulder” style of singing to catch your attention one last time before beating you down when you least expect it. (Pluto)