Jonas Reinhardt Announces 'Palace Savant' Album

Jonas Reinhardt Announces 'Palace Savant' Album
Having soundtracked a self-made sci-fi film with last year's GanymedeJonas Reinhardt has now returned to a more traditional format for his new album. This latest effort is called Palace Savant, and it's due out on September 15 through Further Records.

A press release explains that project leader Jesse Reiner, who is now based in Brooklyn, recorded the album locally at Transmitter Park Studio and the Equinox. Parts were also recorded on tour, and results were mixed by Reiner himself along with Matthew Patterson Curry.

The album was inspired by an imagined piece of architecture, which was based on St. Vitus Cathedral, a 14th century building in Prague, Czech Republic. "It's surreal, grandiose, psychedelic — and the sheer scale of human ambition involved is almost beyond comprehension," Reiner said in a statement. "I envisioned [architect Peter Parler] retrofitting his cathedral with excesses of incandescent light, preparing for a coming age of electronics. Palace Savant is what a contemporary electronic performance in that space might sound like."

For a taste of this, scroll past the eight-song tracklist to stream the celestial cuts "Go Sceptre Go" and "Noctornum" below. Vinyl and digital copies of the album can be pre-ordered here.

Palace Savant:

1. Old Kaizen
2. Brigade of Midnight Minions
3. Shattered Remains of Orr
4. Androma
5. Go Sceptre Go
6. Ecstatic Invokations
7. Noctornum
8. Omat Principle Decay