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Late Night Tales: Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins / VariousLate Night Tales: Jon Hopkins
Although Jon Hopkins has so far only released four records in his 16-year career, the English producer/musician has worked on an incredible range of projects, from remixes, movie and stage scores, to collaborations with big names like Coldplay and Brian Eno. Focusing on haunting textures, while highlighting tracks built around gorgeous minor key piano playing and gentle guitar strumming, much of the music on the 39th edition of Late Night Tales is delivered in a heavily stylized, moody nature that matches his own approach to creating art.

Mostly sticking to modern day artists — Darkstar, Holy Other, Teebs, Four Tet — Hopkins' mix peaks with his elegant (and somehow not sappy) piano instrumental cover of Yeasayer's "I Remember," perfectly sandwiched between Leatherette's neon "After Dawn" and David Holmes' cinematic "Hey Maggy." Approaching this project as a commissioned artist would, Jon Hopkins' Late Night Tales feels more like a narrative than it does a simple mixtape. (Late Night Tales)
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