Jolie Holland Returns with Pint of Blood

Jolie Holland Returns with <i>Pint of Blood</i>
Having co-founded the Be Good Tanyas while staying in Vancouver, BC, Jolie Holland has since gone on to a successful solo career, most recently releasing The Living and the Dead back in 2008. Now, the Texas-based folk singer is gearing up to release her latest album, Pint of Blood, which is due out June 28 via Anti-.

The album, which is credited to Jolie Holland + the Grand Chandeliers, was largely recorded live in Holland's home studio, with help from co-producer Shahzad Ismaily, who also helped out on The Living and the Dead. According to a press release, "Jolie relied on the spontaneity and energy of the sessions to create Pint of Blood."

Apparently, this won't be a major departure from Holland's past releases, as it "never loses the root of her work and ultimately reveals new layers in Jolie's inimitable style." The press release also goes on to promise the record to be her "most musically focused and emotionally direct collection to date."

For a preview of what this will sound like, check out the graceful "Gold and Yellow" below.