The Johnstones Sex

When you think of a band like the Johnstones as a concept, it seems pretty ridiculous: pop punk and ska thrown together, with the posturing and self-aggrandising of hip-hop. But where the Johnstones prove themselves is in the execution. Sex is a fun record; it’s perfect for the summertime backyard barbeques with friends singing along, drinking and eating good food. That’s what this record is about: having a good time. As for the music, it’s well executed. The Johnstones write well-crafted pop songs and they use all the elements they profess to draw from with ease, creating something that’s both accessible and original. There’s also a pretty rad cover of "Lump” by the Presidents of the United States of America. So, if you need a break from angry, emotional and challenging music, try this disc out. It might be just what you need this summer. (Stomp)