Johnny Marr to Release Autobiography in Fall 2016

Johnny Marr to Release Autobiography in Fall 2016
Nearly a year and a half ago, Johnny Marr took a moment to reveal that he had begun work on an autobiography. Now the legendary Smiths guitarist has finally offered up an update, announcing that the book is due out next fall.
The book will be arriving in hardcover and e-book formats in fall 2016 (with a paperback edition to follow in 2017), courtesy of publishing house Century. The company's director, Ben Dunn, said: "It's the book Smiths fans have been waiting their whole lives for, and the early material that Johnny has written is utterly breathtaking. I'm delighted that Johnny has chosen Century to be his publisher."
Marr added: "For the past few years, as I've been out on tour promoting my solo work, fans and journalists have been asking me when I'll write my book. I'm very happy to say that the time has come to tell my story."
In addition to providing insight into his time with the Smiths, the book is expected to touch on Marr's involvement with other projects like Electronic, the Pretenders, The The, Modest Mouse and the Cribs, as well as his experience as a solo artist.
Marr's written life account follows his former bandmate Morrissey's attention-grabbing tome Autobiography, which was released back in 2013. His most recent musical release was last year's solo LP Playland.