Johnny Marr Sets Sights on New Solo Album

Johnny Marr Sets Sights on New Solo Album
Hot on the heels of Morrissey scoffing at the idea of a Smiths reunion, the band's guitarist Johnny Marr has said he has another solo album in the works. While details surrounding the collection are still up in the air, it seems that the record will arrive this fall.

"I've got a new record coming out in the end of September, the follow-up to last year's," he told NME, referring to his 2013 album The Messenger.

It also appears as if the record will be inspired by his recent live shows. Marr said, "I wanted to do the second one really quick. For me, it was just about being on tour and wanting to capture the spirit of the band and the audience before it wears off. I'd been touring for 11 months so I wanted to keep that same energy. I didn't want to overthink it."

The Messenger was Marr's first-ever solo record during his 30-plus-year career. He's also played with bands like Modest Mouse, the Cribs, The The, Electronic, and more.

This may not be the only Smiths-related solo LP we hear this year, since Morrissey also has something on the go.