Johnny Hollow Johnny Hollow

This debut full-length from Ontario’s Johnny Hollow is one to pick up if you need some goth/darkwave that extends outside the reach of the usual Peter Murphy and Siouxsie Sioux proto-goth sounds. Sixteen songs (as well as several half-minute instrumental hidden tracks) complete this eerily beautiful collection. The weeping strings of cello and violin and delicate piano add a neoclassical touch to the electro-acoustics, making for a blend of traditional and contemporary gothic sounds. They don’t go overboard with any genre conventions in particular and in that regard create their signature sound. There’s a lot going on musically, and I was shocked to find out they are only a trio, sharing all the instrumentation and vox between them. The disc has an overall feel of a soundtrack to a strange dream, like perhaps one where you’re lost in a forest of willows on some foggy autumn night — to give a general visual. Janine White masters the spooky lead vocal style with a breathy, sensual and elegant delivery. (Independent)