John Tejada Announces 'Signs Under Test,' Premieres New Track

John Tejada Announces 'Signs Under Test,' Premieres New Track
The words "wobble" and "dreamy" have been used a lot when discussing electronic music in recent years, and apparently this hasn't been lost on John Tejada. The Austria-raised/L.A.-based producer has just announced a new album called Signs Under Test, which is due out on February 2 via Kompakt.

This is the follow-up to 2012's The Predicting Machine. "There's a bit more dreamy tape wobble going on throughout," Tejada said in a statement, "as I've gone quite analog tape with my delays and patches — on the verge of actually being broken, which gives them a nice character."

Despite the presence of the ubiquitous "wobble," Tejada promised, "It's not a record that fits in with any current stuff, but something that hopefully holds up as it ages. Something that hopefully reveals more on repeated listens."

For a taste of all this, listen to the newly revealed album cut "Y 0 Why" in the player below.

The album will be available on double-LP, CD or digital download. Vinyl copies will also come with a CD.

Signs Under Test:

1. Two 0 One 
2. Y 0 Why
3. Beacht
4. R.U.R.
5. Vaalbara
6. Cryptochrome
7. Rubric
8. Penumbra
9. Endorphins
10. Meadow
11. Heave in Sight