John Talabot ƒin Remixes Vol. 1

John Talabotƒin Remixes Vol. 1
In the first batch of remixes from John Talabot's excellent album, ƒin, which was released earlier this year, the Pachanga Boys (featuring Kompakt's Rebolledo and Superpitcher) occupy three of the five remix slots. Through three different versions of Talabot's "When The Past Was Present," the Pachanga Boys create long reworkings that are in no rush to make any new statements musically, creatively amounting to little more than dance floor edits. Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon provide the most enjoyable listen on Vol. 1, subtly reworking "Last Land" into a more aggressive yet psychedelic work, carefully placing samples from Talabot's original in just the right places to accent their house-influenced remix. Rounding out the package is London's Nathan Jenkins, appearing under his Bullion alias, who provides the most radically different remix with a quirky and slightly cheesy pop-like remix of "Destiny." With a comparatively schizophrenic remix approach, Jenkins' vocals take the lead, creating a track that exhibits moments of technical brilliance, but contrasts dissonantly with samples from Talabot's original. (Permanent Vacation)