John Mayer to Become a Twitter Quitter?

John Mayer to Become a Twitter Quitter?
Set your eyes to "roll": John Mayer is reportedly set to delete his Twitter account after he decided the social networking site has made him a target for "haters."

Despite having more than three million followers, the singer/guitarist has claimed that he is losing interest in the site and, according to WENN, has even gone so far as to predict its downfall: "Within the last couple weeks, every night I think about cancelling my Twitter account... I just think Twitter, as a form of communication, I think it's over to be honest with you.

"It [was] really sort of flawed from the beginning. I can't tell you how many times I meet people or I'm having dinner with people who write stuff and they get upset they have haters now, like, 'Why do I want to invent more reasons to have haters?' I might as well spend that time making a sandwich or building a model ship or something. My challenge going forward is to basically disregard the need, the obsessive need for external validation."

All this comes from the king of external validation, who, if we're going to get all new age and psychobabble-y, is obviously trying to absolve himself of blame for the stupid things he's said by taking it out on the medium he used to convey them. In other words, while he's still got a mouth, getting rid of Twitter won't do Mayer much good.

Whether or not your a fan or Twitter, it does seem a bit quick to be dismissing the site altogether: just this morning, both M.I.A. and Eminem used their Twitter accounts to announce their album tracklist and new single, respectively.

And as for John Mayer? Well, remember when, in search for "external validation," he landed in hot water for using the N-word, comparing his "struggle" to that of African-Americans, and calling his penis a "white supremacist" in a totally Twitter-less interview?

Good thing he had a Twitter from which to apologize.