John Maus Unveils New LP

John Maus Unveils New LP
John Maus may not have achieved the same level of acclaim as some of his collaborators, but the news that the Ariel Pink/Panda Bear cohort is releasing a new album is exciting nonetheless. In April, Maus will drop his third LP, We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves, via Upset the Rhythm, marking his first proper release since 2007's Love Is Real.

Maus recently spoke about the album in an interview with the blog Komakino [via Gorilla vs. Bear]. By the sound of things, the disc will be similar to his past works, as he admitted, "The aesthetic goal for this record was to push the work further. In this respect, I believe the record is a failure."

To help make up your mind, you can download a demo of the new track "And the Rain" here. Judging by this cut, the album will definitely appeal to fans of Ariel Pink's woozy electro-pop stylings.

According to an Amazon listing, the disc will come out on April 4 in the UK. Maus is reportedly on the verge of signing a U.S. record deal, so the North American release date will likely depend on that. See the tracklist below.

We Must Become The Pitiless Censors of Ourselves:

1. "Street Light"
2. "Quantum Leap"
3. "And the Rain"
4. "Hey Moon" (ft. Molly Nilsson)
5. "Keep Pushing On"
6. "The Crucifix"
7. "Head for the Country"
8. "Cop Killer"
9. "Matter of Fact"
10. "Breakthrough"
11. "Believer"