John Kelly High Desert Soundsystem

John Kelly was drawn into DJing in 1993 and his involvement with So-Cal’s Moontribe and their evolutionary Full Moon remote desert parties catapulted him into the limelight, where he has consistently brought the vibe of the desert scene to the rest of the dance music community. The tech-house feel of his fourth mixed CD is as skilfully executed as his last three, and his progression from West Coast breaks to trance and techno is demonstrative both of his versatility and an instinct for giving the crowds lots of what they want in an exceedingly smooth mix. This particular CD is funk-flavoured and packed with great tunes like fellow West Coast prodigy DJ Dan’s “That Zipper Track” and Krome’s “The Real Jazz.” Also of note are the driving and gritty “Inter Primate Express” and the sweetly groovy but hard-assed “Give It Up” (full of rewinds and interesting noises and tingling build-ups) by Mr. Jaqck and Olivier Grosseries. All of a sudden I feel this incredible urge to go and buy a wack of tech-house, which, I suppose, is the point of a really good mixed CD. (Moonshine)