John K. Samson Talks New Book 'Lyrics and Poems 1997-2012'

John K. Samson Talks New Book 'Lyrics and Poems 1997-2012'
As you already know if you've read our list of the most anticipated Canadian albums of 2012, we're pretty excited about John K. Samson's upcoming LP Provincial. Well, that solo album isn't all that we've got to look forward to from the Weakerthans frontman. In addition to dropping his full-length on Tuesday (January 24) via Epitaph, he will release a collection of lyrics and poems on the same day.

The book is functionally titled Lyrics and Poems 1997-2012, and an Amazon listing notes that it will come as a 112-page paperback.

"It's all the Weakerthans records, plus this new record, and some poems that I wrote in between those," Samson tells Exclaim! on the line from his home in Winnipeg. "It's kind of a nice companion, I thought, to the solo record."

Despite being a companion to the album, the book and album aren't available as a single package. "You will have to purchase them separately," he explains. "They'll be in your finer independent book and record stores."

Naturally, this book will be coming out through Samson's own company, Arbeiter Ring Publishing. "It's sort of convenient for me that I happen to run a publishing house," he notes. "It probably wouldn't have happened otherwise."

To pre-order a copy of the tome, head over to the Epitaph store, where it costs $12.99. And of course, you can get ready for Provincial's official release by streaming the entire album here in our Click Hear section.

As previously reported, Samson will also be taking Provincial out on the road across the U.S. and Canada. You can see those dates here. And you can buy Provincial here over on iTunes.