John Frusciante Reveals Vinyl Reissue Campaign

John Frusciante Reveals Vinyl Reissue Campaign
John Frusciante had a big year, as he has dropped both an EP and a full-length album within the past few months. In December, the former Red Hot Chili Peppers axeman will cap off his successful 2012 campaign by reissuing the bulk of his solo catalogue on vinyl.

These 180-gram discs, most of which date back to Frusciante's extremely busy 2004, will come out through Record Collection on December 11. Six of his solo works are getting new pressings: The Will to Death (2004), Inside of Emptiness (2004), A Sphere in the Heart of Silence (2004), DC EP (2004), Curtains (2005), and The Empyrean (2009).

The reissue campaign also includes both albums by his experimental trio Ataxia (featuring Fugazi's Joe Lally and current Chili Pepper Josh Klinghoffer): Automatic Writing (2004) and AW II (2007).

The records each cost a hefty $34.99 (including a download card), with the four-song DC EP priced down at $29.99. Dedicated fans can also purchase a bundle featuring all the reissues for $229.99, or an even larger bundle that also contains the newest releases for $249.99. Peruse your purchase options here.

Unfortunately, the reissue campaign doesn't include Frusciante's first few albums.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.

John Frusciante - The Past Recedes from MIKE PISCITELLI on Vimeo.