John Flynn Two Wolves

Folk singer, tireless troubadour and passionate poet with insight into the human condition — that’s the sum of songwriter John Flynn. But, as Two Wolves shows, it’s that and much, much more. Kris Kristofferson — who guests on the disc — calls Flynn a "special breed of good-hearted artists,” and after only listening to a couple of songs one understands exactly what the Rhodes scholar means. The stunning disc opens with the allegorical title track, which talks about the "two wolves” that live within us all: hatred and love. During the course of this jazzy folk tale, Flynn uses his crisp delivery to convey this message without being too preachy. Songs of faith such as the gorgeous gospel flavoured "My Father’s Chapel” are mixed with anti-war songs such as "Dover” and "No More War.” Backed by a tight band of seasoned Nashville players throughout, the literary Flynn lets his words and music leave listeners hanging on each word and each note. The record is a ray of hope in a time of hopelessness. It’s a call for peace in turbulent times of war. Most of all, Two Wolves is Flynn’s heart and conscience laid bare. Wake up and listen — you won’t be disappointed. (Asahra)