John Beltran Amazing Things

John BeltranAmazing Things
Nearly two decades into his career, John Beltran returns in fine form to deliver a new album on Amsterdam's Delsin Records. Amazing Things is a diverse 17-track effort and a substantial undertaking for Beltran, whose earlier works have been hailed as some of the most influential of their time. Recognized lately for his achievements in the field of ambient music, the Michigan native continues to ease off his techno roots while delving deeper into ethereal territory. This is Beltran's most personal feat, not just from a musical standpoint, but a personal one, given the majority of the album's influence, derived from his recent entry into fatherhood. This is especially evident in tracks like "Het Leven Is Mooi" and "Flower Power Nuclear Submarine," where a sense of elated euphoria brilliantly captures the untainted aspirations of youth. And while there are a number of tender moments, they contrast well with the few sombre interludes that save the record from becoming excessively cute. Amazing Things is a blissful journey, with all the twists and turns of a memorable childhood tale. This is a timeless accomplishment for Beltran. (Delsin)