Joey Cape / Tony Sly Acoustic

It’s not often that ideas such as this pan out. The lead singers for pop punk luminaries Lagwagon and No Use For A Name (respectively) have produced a record composed of six songs each; five songs from their own catalogue, and one brand new song. Having already been subjected to the lacklustre acoustic pop punk/emo of the recent Punk Goes Acoustic compilation, this one is a surprisingly wonderful success. It is clear from the outset that both artists have put a tremendous amount of time into making each song interesting in a stripped-down context. Cape particularly has gone the extra mile, adding a slew of unusual instruments to his tracks, including cello, oboe, and vibraphone. Sly’s version of NUFAN classic "On The Outside” is a gorgeously layered outing that begins solely a cappella, before building to its emotional climax. Both original tracks are as good as any of the older material featured here, but it’s the great new interpretations of well-known songs that makes this record so strong. (Fat Wreck)