Joel Plaskett Readies Triple Album

Joel Plaskett Readies Triple Album
We may be in the grips of a recession but that isn't stopping Joel Plaskett from indulging in a little musical excess. For his next album, the East coast pop troubadour has revealed he's delivering not a single record but a triple, low sales margins be damned.

The former Thrush Hermit leader unveiled his three-album plan Wednesday (December 10) in an on-air interview with CBC Radio 3, saying his sixth solo record would come packing three separate discs, each containing nine tracks for a total of 27 tunes. Plaskett went on to say the album would be appropriately titled Three and be out sometime in February next year.

He didn't give a specific due date but did say a spring tour is in the works and the dates should be announced shortly. For now, he just has one solitary tour stop lined up in Vancouver on February 12 as part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.

In the interview, Plaskett also said he's currently been in the studio with fellow East coasters Two Hours Traffic and producing the band's follow up to their Little Jabs album. There's no word yet on when that record is expected to be released.

You can listen to the CBC Radio 3 interview with Plaskett on the station's website here.

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