Joel Plaskett "Harbour Boys" / "Old Friends"

Joel Plaskett 'Harbour Boys' / 'Old Friends'
East Coast songwriting hero Joel Plaskett is now three weeks into his Scrappy Happiness project, which will see him release one song a week for ten weeks until he has his new album finished. Following the rockin' opener "You're Mine," Plaskett has unveiled a pair of new tracks for CBC Radio 2 and 3.

Last week (January 16) it was "Harbour Boys," a folk strummer with a sea shanty vibe that bears a clear debt to Plaskett's Maritime roots. Listen right here.

This week, it's the down-tempo, McCartney-tinged lounge rocker "Old Friends." The song is not slated to air until tomorrow (January 24), but you hear it now over at CBC Radio 2.