Joe "King" Carrasco and the Crowns Tale From The Crypt

This CD is a re-issue of a demo tape from 1979 that originally brought this band of Tex-Mex Farfisa addicts their first jolts of "industry insider" excitement, which quickly led to a flurry of hip New York acceptance and eventually a major label record deal. It was released to the public in 1984, on cassette only, by ROIR Records. The recording is lacklustre, very basement quality and devoid of any spark or inherent scrappy charm that this production method usually brings. In the context of the time the tape was originally circulated in, over production was rampant, so this limp "where's the guitar?" bargain bin take on Question Mark and the Mysterians cantina pop might have sounded fun and fresh. Not so today! Unfortunately, not even tracks with titles like "Monkey Got My Frisbee" have anything to offer even the most desperate garage or new wave fan. This release might serve to rekindle some memories of seeing these guys play live back in their heyday, but as their very own bio states, these guys never really lived up to any of their potential, even at the time. (ROIR)