Joasihno Ready 'Meshes' LP, Premiere "Nuh Nuh" Video

Joasihno Ready 'Meshes' LP, Premiere "Nuh Nuh" Video
After a bit of teasing, Joasihno have confirmed they will return with Meshes, which will see release on May 13 in North America and May 6 in the rest of the world through Alien Transistor.

Marking the project's third album, it promises to be a "spectacular transformation," according to the press release. In a statement, the band's Cico Beck said, "I always had an experimental setup and some sort of rules for the production of my records... but not this time."

In anticipation of its release, the pair have produced a video that shows how Beck and Nico Sierig will be performing this music live.

A live member of Ms. John Soda and the Notwist, Beck made a 7-inch with Anticon co-founder Jel and had a hand in crafting one of 2015's greatest party-rockin' anthems ("Perry") as a member of Aloa Input, while his solo work as Joasihno has often leaned more towards Icelandic-sounding German indie pop, à la Múm and Seabear. However, this video shows him indulging his experimental side more indebted to his minimalist influences like Reich and Glass.

As he brings "Nuh Nuh" to life with Sierig, who joined the Joasihno project around the time of their 2013 album A Lie, the duo appears seated on the floor manipulating a small pile of synths, effects and MIDI triggers, while various percussive inventions spin and arpeggio around them like a fantastic Rube Goldberg machine. The song is a soothing and meditative instrumental, with an undercurrent of vibrancy in its unexpected timbres and faintly brisk tempo.

If you happen to live in Germany, you can see Joasihno do this stuff live in April. Everyone else will have to simply dig "Nuh Nuh" below.


1. Nuh Nuh
2. Wondrous Sibling
3. Bells Game
4. Temporary Parallel
5. Grounds
6. Meshes
8. Retoure
9. Someday Square
10. Veiled Room

Tour dates:

04/12 Würzburg, DE - Kellerperle
04/13 Deggendorf, DE - Friedenskirche
04/15 Schorndorf, DE - Manufaktur
04/16 Augsburg, DE - Provino
04/20 Regensburg, DE - Ostentorkino
04/22 Munich, DE - MUG-Einstein