Joal Kamps Sojourner

Joal KampsSojourner
Joal Kamps' latest album, Sojourner, is, without a doubt, a carefully crafted selection of songs filled with hooks and poppy goodness ― if you're into that sort of thing, this album is for you. Fans of highly emotional, Lady Antebellum-esque country music will love Sojourner, seeing that Joal isn't shy about singing about hyper-romantic themes. For example, in "Strung Out Heartstrings," he sings, "we'll hike until we reach the ocean (the very edge of the ocean)/we'll start again without all the booze and heroin/we'll be like settlers on a foreign shore." To which I have to say, "really?" I hope I don't have to deconstruct the myriad problems I have with this blurb alone; I'll save it for my blog. Point is, the entire album is cranked up to 11 on the romance scale, which is fine ― who doesn't sing about heartache, especially in country music? Unfortunately, there comes a point when it feels as though the musician is hitting the listener over the head with a wrought iron frying pan filled with their pain and, well, Sojourner is one such instance if I've ever heard one. (Independent)