J.J. Paradise Players Club Wine Cooler Blowout

Imagine the gritty, noisy sound of Unsane half-mockingly playing Lynyrd Skynyrd riffs after listening to the last Entombed record repeatedly and that's the sound you'll hear on this, the Players Club's debut album. This album sounds the same as their killer EP from earlier this year, only longer. The band features ex-members of Unsane and Kiss It Goodbye, amongst others. While none of the latter sneaks in their sound, it has Unsane written all over it, in those loud, loud distorted vocals and NYC jackhammer-into-cement riffs. There's also a sort of good-time stoner rock vibe prevalent, switching the mood from dissonant aggression to party rock and back. Turn the Unsane's frown upside down, and you'll get this band. It works well, strange as it sounds. (Tee Pee)