JJ Debut Reissued by Secretly Canadian

JJ Debut Reissued by Secretly Canadian
Late last year, mysterious Swedish pop duo JJ turned heads with their thrilling debut nº 2. The record gained a lot of praise worldwide, and we even called it a "painstakingly perfect album." Soon after, the group signed with Secretly Canadian and released their sophomore album nº 3 in March. Understanding that we're not quite done with nº 2, however, the label have planned a reissue.

This summer, nº 2 will be available once again on CD, vinyl and digital download. The reissue may not have the bells and whistles of bonus tracks, but an unreleased JJ jam called "Baby" can be grabbed from the Spin blog.

Secretly Canadian will drop the nº 2 reissue on August 3. The album can be pre-ordered here.

nº 2:

1. "Things Will Never Be the Same Again"
2. "From Africa to Malaga"
3. "Ecstasy"
4. "Are You Still In Vallda?"
5. "My Love"
6. "Intermezzo"
7. "My Hopes and Dreams"
8. "Masterplan"
9. "Me & Dean "