JJ72 JJ72

The world of a teenager is almost always glum and worth moping about. JJ72 are a band from Dublin, Ireland, a place that sees its fair share of things to moan about, and singer/songwriter Mark Greaney writes songs that are bittersweet and soulful accounts of his school days. The music ranges from orchestral acoustic pop rock to the distorted fuzz made popular in Seattle. Greaney's voice is something extraordinary on its own, sounding almost too feminine to be male (think Brian Molko from Placebo with some sensitivity). The songs tend to deal with struggles such as a gasp of air ("Oxygen") and the inability to understand your first bee sting ("Bumblebee"). These guys have Joy Division and Ian Curtis written all over them. Lucky for them, they know how not to dwell on their influences and create some of the most lovely and tragic songs of the year. (Lakota)