JJ "Let Them" (video)

JJ 'Let Them' (video)
We posted the MP3 for this one a while back, but this brand new video for chill synth pop number "Let Them" is a good reminder that JJ are about to drop a new mixtape on Christmas Eve.

As it stands, "Let Them" still takes you to a higher place via its soft-focus synth lines and Elin Kastlander's ethereal coo. That being said, the girl swears up a storm courtesy of some pinched T.I. lines. Despite a curse-heavy first verse, though, the outfit end up having some good clean fun and strike up a dance party inside a church.

The JJ Kills mixtape is set to drop December 24.

You can watch the video in HD here at Sincerely Yours or below.

yours0158 from Sebastian Järnerot on Vimeo.