Jivaro Jivarodelia

Jivaro is the project of Henrik Dahl, who is a member of the Sleeping Flies and a key figurehead in the psych rock dance Ultra Wide Band collective and their Electronic Watusi Boogaloo label. On his own, Dahl tends to lean heavily towards electronics, utilising old school sequencers and samplers to create the clean rhythms and sounds of Jivarodelia. Tracks like "Hydrologic" and "Electro-Fun*" are good examples of his Detroit techno and electro influences, with sharp, simple beats and synthesised note progressions. However, there is definitely some slower-paced material here, ranging from the down-tempo groove of "Walking Bass" and "Jivaro Dub" right down to pure ambience of "Solros." Dahl does have a keen ear for melody and manages to keep the material on Jivarodelia interesting throughout the nine tracks, utilising spacey samples and generally creating a good aural atmosphere. By no means though is he an electronic superstar, so the people at Warp or Source Records need not get their contracts ready just yet. This is, after all, an electronic album by a self-confessed fanatic for the Byrds. That being said, Jivaro is a good blend of styles and may help some of the indie pop crowd crossover and learn more about pure electronic music. (Kindercore)